Capsule Cream, Anti-age Cream

Beautifully rejuvenating, age-defying, and radiantly hydrating – the Capsule Cream from the Ambuja Couture Collection is a symphony of perfection in 76% organic, completely vegan ingredients. The anti-aging cream is powerfully packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and the nutrient-rich composition promotes a wide range of youthful, replenishing benefits. Hexapeptides, bioactive buckwheat, and pomegranate work together, and individually, to soothe dried-out skin, while promoting elasticity, increasing plumpness, and improving circulation.

Additionally, there are combinations of green coconut water and lotus cell water within the Ambuja Couture Collection Capsule Cream, lending your skin built-up protection against harsh, inclement weather, aggressive pollutants, and chemicals. 

Ambuja Capsule Anti-Aging Cream is loaded with 76.3 % certified organic/ 100% natural bioactive ingredients whose synergy guarantees the bespoke Biocular Formula action.

  • Opulent anti-aging cream pampers the skin and acts as an age defense shield. 
  • Provides skin nutrition for regeneration. Improves elasticity. 
  • Helps tighten and restructure the skin. 
  • Densify skin. 
  • Reduces puffiness and enhances optimal hydration. 
  • Feeds essential nutrition to the skin. 
  • Skin appears more rested and alert. 
Skin type: Recommended for urban women with normal to dry and mature skin. \

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