Nude Foam

The Ambuja Nude Foam from their Couture Collection is a fashionista dream and pure perfection in a convenient cream. The organic, all-natural ingredients are positively packed with nutrients that nourish, enhance, and beautify your skin from the inside out. These elements use expertise blending to create a luxurious mixture of flawless, perfect foam that will not only nurture and cleanse your skin, but also brings back your youthful, healthy glow.

As an anti-aging elixir, the Ambuja Couture Collection Nude Foam purifies, repairs, and regenerates, meaning your fine lines and wrinkles vanish as skin cells become healthier, plumper, and smoother. You will see softer, more radiant results within a week, but the real benefits happen over time, as peptides and antioxidants work to protect skin long-term from pollutants and harsh chemicals.

Composition is loaded with 79.6% certified organic / 100% natural bioactive ingredients whose synergy guarantees the bespoke biocular formula action. Key ingredients: peptides, lotus cell water, lemon distillate, green coconut water.

Ambuja Nude Foam is suitable for all skin types. 


How to apply:

Dampen your skin before applying a moderate amount of Ambuja Couture Collection Nude Foam to your face and neck. Massage in gently to cleanse and exfoliate, then wash away suds with lukewarm water. Pay dry, and avoid contact with eyes.

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