Extra Rich

This smooth cream-gel will nourish even the most demanding skins that demand a high lipid intake. 

Your skin will be nourished, your complexion radiant. Itʼs a real moisturization treatment that you can alternate with Cream-Gel Skin Care. 


Its non-comedogenic texture wonʼt leave an "oily" effect on your skin and will allow you to apply your make-up perfectly. 


Thatʼs makes it an original product - for all skin types, from very dry to very oily – that thoroughly moisturizes the skin deep down and repairs all its lipid losses and deficiencies. 

This cream-gel is also particularly suitable for the eye contour.


Some highly concentrated key ingredients have been incorporated into the basic formula for maximum moisturization: borage oil, evening primrose oil and wheatgerm oil. 


Their main actions:

These combined ingredients help to fight against skin drying and cell degeneration; they have a protective effect on the cells and are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and repairing.

All these ingredients act together to evenly distribute the active broth that your skin really needs, without making it feel heavy. 


Instructions for use :

› Morning: apply to the face, neck and eye contour.

› Evening: cleanse your skin and apply Water Care and, if necessary, Extra Rich Cream, avoiding the eye contour. 


Continuous or Alternating Let your feeling guide you. 

Become more aware of your own needs.


(50 ml)

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