Salt's Secrets

Energy bath care. Dive in a different dimension...

What Herve thinks:
« I could start describing my new product by saying "once upon a time there was ... the bath"
What if for once, we believe these astonishing stories such as witches bathing, ancient Egypt baths and antique rituals of the ancient civilizations?
A bath is simply a way to relieve stress, to relax, without even realizing it.
So let’s get out of the classic cleansing bath to enter in a more mysterious world: more emotional, mystical and beneficent. »

The “ritual bath” has a triple impact: physical, psychic and energetic.
When a bath becomes mystical, magical even... it relieves the body and the soul.
Don’t be confused with bath and bath: the one to wash our body and the one to regenerate and to resource it. We enter the bath clean after a shower. In that spirit, Salt’s Secrets allows the body to immerse in a different dimension, to free from everyday’s anxiety and be refreshed.

› 20-25 minutes are enough to transform you and recharge your cells with some good energy: The energetic cleaning. Once diluted in the bath, Salt’s Secrets cleans the negative vibes troubling our energy and creating stress, insomnia, anger and fear. These annoyances accumulate during the day, they exhaust us and affect our mental which becomes weak, incapable of loosening and concentrating. The result is burn out and depression.

To immerse in a bath of Salt’s Secrets, mixing the Algae and Guerande Salt, operates an energetic cleaning of the bodies: our subtle body, this precious psychic and spiritual sphere, needs to be cleaned as well as our physical body.

To let go:
As per Archimedes’ concept, the immersion of the skin sensors, refreshes and soothes the body: no more muscular and nervous tension. We just let go in this different water and connect to all the ingredients of Salt’s Secrets, that I have carefully chosen, to soothe our body and soul.


The bath’s magic
When our body infuses in a bath, 3 elements interfere together to energetically clean it, resource it and regenerate it:
The main source of life, the energy transporter (which is) Water, as well as a mix of Plants, Algae and Salt Crystals that deliver beneficial actions. And... YOU: the receiver, the booster of this powerful energy.
Salt’s Secrets hidden virtues/properties
Salt’s Secrets is a mixture of 100% natural ingredients chosen rigorously for their purity and quality. We have: (make the list fluent)

Rosemary: cleans the energetic impurity, relaxes the body and soul, and mostly brings spiritual peace.

Clove: cleans the Aura from negative vibes, dispel fears.

Lavender: a strong relaxing, revitalizer for the body and Aura.

Linden: great tranquilizing against the nervous fatigue, it softens the skin and the soul.

Spirulina: strong conditioner that feeds the skin.

Lithothamne: a global softening, strong remineralizing.

Guerande Salt: a mixture of plants and algae. It clears the deep negative vibes thanks to its crystals. Its origin from the sea of Bretagne, extracted by evaporation under the sun and wind, shows the force of Nature.


The right way of bathing
Entering the Salt’s Secrets bath means taking care of ourselves on a different level:
The Way of Alchemy’s philosophy.
Plunge in the bath and discover its magic... (pause, chimes)
Dip your head for few seconds under the water… Imagine getting rid of that negative tension… You can also recite some mantras. The universal and powerful OM MANI PADME HUM for example.

How to use it?
Let the magic of Salt’s Secrets be accomplished, let go...
Ask and you shall receive. And thank the Universe for this gift offered by our nature.
Observe how the body and soul’s relaxation provides healing and... refocus.

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