Active Lotion Care

The daily ally.

As a first step of care, this innovative lotion with an ultra light aqueous texture wakes and refreshes the epidermis, preparing it to receive the following treatments in a better way.

At any time of day, on a trip, after a gym session or simply when the need arises, Active Lotion Care soothes the discomfort and restarts the dynamics of the products’ active ingredients applied in the morning.


Active ingredients :

A trio of anti-aging microalgae: Chlorella stimulates epidermal regeneration and wakes the complexion, Hypnea strengthens the elasticity for a smooth skin and Palmaria Palmara makes the complexion even by reducing pigment irregularities gently. 


Rye seed, restructuring and stretching, strengthens the skin tone. 


Result: rehydrated and awakened, the skin becomes brighter.


How to use :

Its very liquid formula applies with cotton or with the hands all over the face, eye contour included, and neck. 

Non-comedogenic, it is suitable for all skin types as a "boosting" routine or as a rehydrating splash at all time, as many times as necessary.



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