Hair Care (Essence de soin)

The scalp and hair are an integral part of our bodies – the scalp is the "garden " where our hair grows and the hair are our antenna and one of many indicators of our body and skin's well-being (thicker or thinner keratin, sensitivity or damage, hair loss). 


ESSENCE OF CARE revitalises the scalp and the hair by treating it with a large quantity of nutrients which enable the repair and deep hydration of the hair and significant stimulation of micro-circulation in the scalp. 


An array of 8 essential oils (sweet orange, green mandarin, lemon, Atlas cedar, thyme linalool, spearmint, clary sage, exotic basil) combined with high-purity jojoba oil, leaves the hair hydrated, reinvigorated, soft and shiny, whether it is used daily or as an intensive treatment. If used regularly, it also enables regrowth of the hair. 


Ideal for fine, coloured, damaged, lifeless or flat hair. Rediscover shiny, full-bodied hair with a product for both men and women.


What is unique about ESSENCE OF CARE is that you can use it with any shampoo.


Here are the two possible ways of using it:


- Daily use:

Before using shampoo, while the hair is still dry, apply two pipettes full onto the scalp, working section by section and finishing at the tips of the hair. Massage and then leave to soak in for 3 to 5 minutes.

Then apply shampoo, mix with a little water and rinse completely. Your hair should "squeak" during rinsing. Then dry your hair. 


- Intense Cure is a true rescue for your hair:

In the evening when your hair is dry, apply 5 pipettes onto the scalp and hair, massage it in and allow it to soak in. You can sleep with the product still in your hair – it does not leave greasy marks. The next morning, use your usual shampoo and rinse thoroughly afterwards. Your hair will feel light and soft. Dry your hair afterwards. 


It is not necessary to use conditioner after either method of use. Reinvigorate and rediscover the true nature of your hair...


(50 ml)


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