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Coucou Suzette Dog Ruler


What would we do without our favorite pets?

We have our beloved dogs, whose family is getting bigger and bigger! The Bernese Mountain Dog used to be the main inspiration for Coucou Suzette, but now there are so many more doggos decorating our accessories: Dalmatians, Shibas, Bulldogs, Bichons, Pugs, Chihuahuas… And the unmistakable Dachshund we can't get tired of!



The dachshund, an oddly long dog, perfect to be turned as a ruler, don’t you think?! From our point of view it was obvious, so here it is as a quality double decimetre.

This elegant dachshund ruler is made of acetate, for a nice vintage look. With its golden details and hand-drawn numbers, we can’t resist this little desk jewelry!

25cm x 5cm 21.4g 

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