Cream Gel

One of the unusual things about this cream is its texture, it is a gel cream and therefore immediately penetrates the skin. Its fragrance and ingredients are 100% natural and organic. 


This gel cream is PARABEN FREE. Its repairing, moisturizing and toning properties will be your daily allies for skincare that respects the natural biological functions of your skin.


Results: soft, toned skin, refined skin texture and a clear complexion. The anti-wrinkle effect is not mentioned as it is an ineluctable consequence of cell renewal.


› Treat

ALARIA ESCULENTA is a brown seaweed that has the power to stimulate the memory at the heart of our cells, like the rhythm of the tide. 

This active ingredient intensifies micro-circulation and its soothing anti-infl ammatory properties help fight skin redness. It also counters melanine deterioration.


› Repair

BETA-GLUCAN, derived from oats, it reinforces immunity in the deep layers of the skin thanks to its antibacterial and antiviral properties essential for cell renewal, and has a major antioxidant effect on the cohesion and synergy of active ingredients. 

RUBUS IDAEUS, a blend of raspberry powder and silicium, it contains a powerful polyphenol: ellagic acid, well known for protecting skin against premature aging. 

DAUCUS CAROTA, known as heliocarrot, is rich in provitamin A. It regenerates and softens skin tissues and refines its texture. 

ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS HE, known as Rosemary Verbenone, it controls skin stress and has healing and regenerating properties. Its powerful stimulating and draining properties mean it perfectly binds the different active ingredients.


› Stimulate

SISYMBRIUM IRIO, is a plant, it is sometimes referred to as "Lady's violet", a precious vegetable oil, rich in essential fatty acids that regenerate damaged and weathered skin. It is anti-infectious and helps prevent skin deterioration. 

BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII, shea butter, highly protective and moisturizing, efficiently prevents dry skin. 


GERANIUM ROSAT EGYPTE HE, its antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties reinforce the skin's protective barrier. It also works very well as an astringent toner.



Instructions for use:

› Morning: apply to the face, neck and eye contour.
› Evening: cleanse your skin and apply avoiding the eye contour.

Continuous or Alternating, let your feeling guide you.
Become more aware of your own needs.


(50 ml)

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