Candle 190g

Culti Decor Scented Candle 190gr

Available in the following 5 scents:

AssolatoFLORAL - A perfect combination of the sweet notes of tangerine and neroli & orange flowers, lightened by the oriental breath of sandalwood & vanilla. Described as a sophisticated and subtle scent.

Linfa FLORAL - An encounter between white currant and tuberose, fading into cedar wood. Iridescent, transparent and vital. This fragrance contains notes of sap, white currant, tuberose, cedar wood and musk. Described as a pure, strong and tenacious scent.

Fiori Bianchi - FLORAL - This fragrance is a blend of bergamot and mirabelle plum blend with a floral bouquet of lily-of-the-valley, jasmine and rose, leaving behind a subtle trail of cedar wood and musk. Described as a fresh and pure fragrance. 

Mediterranea - WOOD - This fragrance is a fresh scent with a spicy note of ginger and a touch of cedar wood mixed with hints of bitter orange, lemon, neroli and lentisk. Described as a more earthy scent.

Mareminerale - AROMATIC - This fragrance is created from a medley of sea chord, sap, and mineral musk. Described as a more crisp and refreshing scent. 


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