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Candle 235g

A pure blend of waxes to renew the pleasure of an ancient rite every day. The painted and silk-screened glass jar on tone-tone colors of the packaging reflect aesthetic elegance that combines all CULTI products. 

EBANO is a sophisticated combination of wood, warm, enveloping and mystical at the same time. The essence of wood, transmits all its relaxing energy by bringing it from untouched woods and secrets. Warm as the fire in the fireplace.

GELSOMINO is the story of return, a strong jasmine scent that suddenly emerges as a reminder, and then dissolves away like a fresh water lily water.

MENDULA  A sweet return to childhood, with simple, delicate and genuine flavors. The crisp almond fragrance, combined with the sweetness of vanilla and the freshness of bergamot.

ESPERIDE  Mandarin and grapefruit for an unexpected freshness, cassis for an oriental memory that is not forgotten.

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