Dojo Mindful Fragrance

a different kind of fragrance

A gentle dab of dojo will penetrate and vanish. This makes the fragrance yours and not for you.

It offers the perfect aromacological combination with which to inhale dojo and exhale beauty in the form of a scent so that your skin exudes its own unique beauty.

Inspired in Ayuna’s iconic scent, dojo, the Conscious Perfume that translates the essence of the purest and most emotive skincare into niche perfumery, is a tribute to beauty made into a fragrance. This 100% natural perfume acts on two olfactory pathways, the nasal and the skin, with an enveloping aroma that caresses the subconscious and embraces the skin.


Few scents can recreate the spirit of AYUNA better than its iconic aromacological combination designed to stimulate the skin-brain connection and promote the practice of Beautifulness, a discipline that adapts mindfulness to the field of beauty. 

Natural Essential Oil-based Fragrance

Since its inception, AYUNA has incorporated the benefits of aromachology in all its formulations, creating a true cosmetic revolution in personal care. This emerging science studies the effect that scents can have on our mood. Through an independent clinical study AYUNA has verified its effectiveness, confirming that the aromachological combination of dojo creates a positive emotional response after application on the skin; it heightens perception of the fragrance and connection with the mind.

A delicate, fresh scent that evokes youth and joy.
The top note of Buchu awakens the mystery in the fragrance along with a touch of fruits and a hint of Menthol.


A captivating romantic bouquet of flowers.
The heart is floral and elegant and of exceptional quality. Roman Chamomile blossom and Rosemary exquisitely blended with predominant notes of natural molecules of Rose.


Aromatic with sweet and intense base notes that stands out for its warmth.
The fragrance is enveloped by a warm and woody hint of holy wood, Texas Cedar and Guaiac in its base notes that match perfectly with a velvety contrast of Myrrh, Benzoin, White Breu and Gurjum, exquisitely blended to evoke the DNA of AYUNA’s conscious beauty

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