Eye Care Puffiness, dark circles control

Its formula rich in many rare plant assets in cosmetics acts on all fronts: puffiness, dark circles and signs of aging. It is a universal eye care, for all ages and skin types, even the most sensitive.


Active ingredients :

Anti-aging :

› Green Lentil improves the skin texture for a more even appearance.

› The nourishing Souchet tuber acts on the elasticity and smoothes the wrinkles and fine lines.

› The bracing Myrtle maintains a good skin structure.

› Rice improves the tonicity of this thin skin whose muscles are much solicited.

› Shitake protects and strengthens the extra cellular matrix, boosting the action of all the active ingredients. 


Puffiness :

› The duo of white Lupin and Alfafa acts in a complementary way to decongest the eye contour and encourage lymphatic drainage. 


Dark circles :

› Ologosaccharide purified with yeast is a sugar that boosts the blood microcirculation of the capillary vessels and reduces the rings.

› Hyponea seaweed illuminates the eye contour.



By reviving skin activity and revitalizing this particularly delicate and fragile skin, Eye Care widens the look and gives it its entire glow. 


How to use :

Every morning, apply a few drops on the eye contour and eyelids using the pipette then smooth the skin from the inside to the outside with the finger pad. Its gel texture penetrates easily, making make-up easier.


(15 ml)


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