A neoclassical celebration of iris and tuberose

A statue of the goddess Flora has stood frozen for centuries, swathed in flowering vines, hidden in the shadows of an overgrown forest. Finally, a true spring has come once again, bringing its rapturous sunlight which warms new blooms of tuberose, iris, jasmines, elderflowers, linden and mimosa. Flora comes alive.

Named for the legendary festival dedicated to the goddess Flora in Ancient Rome, the new Epic, Floralia, is a celebratory dance between the chalk-pale elegance of iris and the lush green complexity of tuberose.

Supported by three varieties of low-temperature extracted jasmine, rare gardenia absolute, and genuine extractions of seven fine teas including jasmine tea, Floralia is refined in its opulence and exquisite in its restraint - a stylized 18th century reimagining of the bawdiness of this plebeian holiday (famously a favorite among women working in the oldest profession).

Floralia makes use of over a dozen precious and extraordinary natural florals, blending them in an intricately choreographed presentation with raw materials designed to give impressions of neoclassical statuary, iris scented face cream, and ivy vines on a forest floor. A stunning floral perfume that is as quiet and fine as it is classically beautiful.

With angelica seed CO2, low temperature extractions of jasmine auriculatum, jasmine grandiflorum & jasmine sambac, white lilac bud accord, cucumber blossom water, Casablanca lily, bay laurel wreath, Grasse tuberose absolute, Columbian tuberose enfleurage, gardenia absolute, purple freesia, narcissus jonquille, magnolia blossom, pink muguet, iris flower accord, fleur d'oranger, Sri Lankan vetiver, black tea, white tea, jasmine tea, rooibos CO2, maté absolute, cedarmoss absolute, orris root butter, castoreum, and musk.

8 ml.

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