1.7 oz. / 50 mL


The iconic crème, but better. Capturing the essence and texture of the original formula that made kura intuitif a best-selling anti-aging treatment and repair crème, kura intuitif has been revamped with intensified technology to provide an elevated anti-aging healing experience.

Activated with vital biotech actives, kura is an advanced cellular regenerative and soothing treatment crème that delivers individualized targeted cellular anti-aging through copper and platinum complexes. These complexes target weaker cells and focus on regeneration, collagen synthesis, toning, and firming. Comprehensive active ingredients such as: proline copper complex, copper heptapeptide complex, algae polysaccharides extract, and licorice anti-inflammatory complex restore and reinvigorate dehydrated, damaged, or stressed skin to protecting against cellular aging.

Patented active-delivery system to optimize skin cell targeting, penetration and performance benefits. Newly added actives: algae polysaccharides and licorice anti-inflammatory complexes are essential for intensified repair, restorative, and healing benefits.

Enhanced with the energies from själ’s signature gemstone blend™ (amethyst, ruby, sapphire, diamond, tourmaline and quartz), which resonate vibrationally at a cellular level, this new formulation optimizes cellular energy and metabolism, while providing clarity and microcirculation.

Experience an unprecedented balance of versatility, innovation and performance in an anti-aging treatment crème. Kura’s luxuriously rich, whipped texture allows for easy absorption and covers skin in a silky breathable veil, protecting skin from harsh environmental stressors and pollutants. Combined with notes of delicate citrus scents and själ’s signature gemstone blend, kura delivers unparalleled relaxation, healing, and detoxifying benefits that make this crème a staple in any skincare regimen.



    • helps treat deep lines and wrinkles through the use of long-term peptide complex and platinum matrix.*
    • helps to improve skin elasticity and tone through copper heptapeptide complex, proline copper complex, ceramics and algae.**
    • aids in the reduction of capillaries and redness through marine vascular complex, arnica, and horseradish.***
    • aids in the reduction of hyper-pigmentation, helps to even skin tone through oil soluble vitamin C, bearberry, mulberry, pearl powder complex, kojic acid and bisabolol.****
    • provides hydration and nourishment through lotus, borage & quinoa oils and ceramide complex. †

All claims determined by active ingredient clinical data: *Matrixyl, in vivo; *Platinum Matrix, in vivo; **Copper Heptapeptide Complex, in vivo; **Proline Copper Complex, in vivo; ***Marine Vascular Complex, in vivo; **** Pearl Powder Complex, in vivo; †Ceramide Complex, in vivo

key ingredients

    • hyperpigmentation complex
    • elastin peptide complex
    • long term peptide complex
    • marine vascular complex
    • arnica
    • ceramide complex
    • lotus oil


    • gold
    • copper
    • platinum
    • silver
    • själ gemstone signature blend (diamond, ruby, citrine, amethyst & sapphire) 

how to use

apply day and night to face, throat and décolleté and gently massage into skin. ideal for normal to dry skin, mature or fatigued skin. excellent for evening, travel or harsh climates.


If pre-order:

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