La Potion ?!

The Miracle care.

One of the secrets of Hervé Herau's mixture care protocols is revealed in broad daylight, and something tells us that his regulars will be very happy! Its name: « La Potion ?! », with a punctuation that reveals how impossible it is to put that care in a box.

A rejuvenation that comes to boost your cream or S.O.S. mask for devitalized skins, La Potion ?! is all this at the same time, and even more so... Amazingly rich, its formula contains no less than 11 vegetable extracts, 2 vegetable oils and 4 trace elements.


Active ingredients :

Soothing and moisturizing:

› The Vegetable Oils of maritime pine (rich in antioxidant vitamin E) and of Brazil nuts (filled with Selenium) provide an antioxidant action and give suppleness and softness to the skin.

› The red seaweed Kappaphycus offers its moisturizing properties.

› Manganese reduces the risk of allergic reactions.


Unifying and smoothing

› Green Lentil improves the skin texture for a more even appearance.

› The extremely nourishing Souchet tuber acts on the elasticity of the skin and smoothes wrinkles and fine lines.

› Wheat Germ prevents and attenuates the appearance of brown spots.

› Rice improves skin tone. 


Repairing and protecting

› Tara, a Peruvian fruit rich in tannin, is a powerful anti-oxidant that fights against premature aging of the skin.

› Healing Zinc also regulates sebum production.

› Copper acts as a shield against external aggression. 


Revitalizing and stimulating

› The trio of microalgae anti-age Chlorella + Hypnea + Palmaria Palmara stimulates the epidermal regeneration, wakes and smoothes the skin and standardizes the complexion.

› The bracing Myrtle maintains good skin structure.

› Shitake protects and strengthens the extra cellular matrix, promoting the action of the active substances inside the cells.

› Magnesium promotes the oxygenation of tissues by its anti-inflammatory and decongesting action.



In its charming bottle with retro design, the Potion ?! is a gift care for the skin, which acts as much on its quality as on its shine, its tone and its consistency. Treated, repaired and awakened, the skin regains all its beauty. 



How to use :

The Potion ?! can be used in two ways. 

As rejuvenation, apply in the morning and evening a thin layer after the Active Lotion Care, just before your day or night care for a “boosting” action.

Once or twice a week, apply a thick layer and let it work between 10 and 15 minutes. Once the texture is dry, rinse with warm water and proceed to your usual routine. 


Redness may appear on particularly dry and unbalanced areas of the face, so much the better! This is a sign that your skin is revitalizing through this synergy of brand new active ingredients.


(50 ml)

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