London was hot and steamy in the summer of 1996. Alfresco founder Sarah-Lou Morris (below left) was happily working as a volunteer at London’s 300 year old Chelsea Physic Garden, unhappily being bitten. Looking for an insect repellent, it was impossible to find one that smelled nice and that wasn’t full of harmful chemicals. Her only solution: make it herself!  

That year Sarah-Lou came out of retirement (having previously co-founded and sold a hugely successful global fashion brand) and collaborated with a renowned perfume house established in 1730 to develop the winning Alfresco formula. Twenty four years on and with hard work, a fabulous team (above right) and word of mouth, Sarah-Lou’s Alfresco has developed into a well-established boutique brand - offering an innovative range of perfumed anti bug bite cosmetics  – natural insects & mosquitoes repellent. Every member of the Alfresco team (better known as the Alfresco family) brings unique, complimentary talents to the Alfresco mix and shares Sarah-Lou’s passion for design, art, music, nature and wellbeing; no surprise then, that these interests flow through everything we do at Alfresco, from the design of our trend-setting packaging, to the sweet and spicy notes that infuse our botanical fragrances!



Alfresco’s mission is to create products that are of the highest quality and as natural and safe as possible - giving you and your little ones freedom from the fear of irritating insects and chemicals! This mission has guided the development of our innovative range of anti bug bite cosmetics like natural fragrances, moisturisers & lotions: all DEET and Paraben free and made with a blend of over 20 sustainably sourced essential oils (and a generous dose of love and care!). Alfresco is proud to have worked with the same British manufacturing partners for over 25 years – who share our dedication to quality, safety and sustainability.



Perhaps the biggest source of pride for Alfresco is our loyal international customer base and fan club that has grown year on year since 1996, simply by word of mouth! Known as Beauties Without Bites, these loyal Alfresco fans share our zest for life, for the arts, for well-being and for playing with freedom in the great outdoors; they even include an impressive list of celebrities and movie stars that include Penelope Cruz, Robert Redford, Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman, amongst many others!

We welcome you to our world of Beauty Without Bites.