Buy the perfect home fragrance Online at Hazelway. We offer an exclusive selection of luxury products from all over the world that feature some of the most sought-after aromas that please and invigorate the senses. Transform any room into an oasis of freshness. Our collection includes candles, reed diffusers, car sachets, pillow mists, and sprays. Shop from your favourite fragrance brands such as Culti, Bamford, The Laundress, and Régime des Fleurs.

Home fragrances give any room a personality and vitality of its own, complementing the atmosphere rather than overpowering it. Candles set the mood, inspire tranquility, and add a touch of gentle luminescence. Reed diffusers provide a constant aroma in a safe and exquisite glass vase, while scented sachets discreetly supply a subtle hint of fragrance.


Milano-based home fragrance company, Culti is a name known all over the world for creating the very first reed diffuser. Their innovative way to aromatize the room has spawned many copycats, but none can compare to the originality of their design and the luxurious beauty of their perfume bottles. We’ve chosen the most popular fragrances and diffuser refills for our customers. As well as their reed diffusers, choose from Culti candles, car and clothes sachets, and room sprays.


Bamford is a UK-based lifestyle brand that focuses on old-world craftsmanship and superior timeless style. From clothing and skincare to baby care and gifts, Bamford is known for its exceptional style and dedication to quality, artisanal skills, and natural fibres. Spray Bamford’s exquisite natural botanicals throughout the room to feel a sensation of floral freshness.

Régime des Fleurs

Highly touted and praised in fashion magazines all over the world, Régime des Fleurs candles and home fragrances are inspired by the ancients and wrapped in luxurious white jars. Enjoy Régime des Fleurs’ Artefacts collection at Hazelway, which features four enchanting bouquets, such as Naiad, Return, Swans and Thaleia.

The Laundress

The Laundress is a well-loved eco-friendly line of luxury fabric care, detergent, and home fragrances. Their brand of coquettishness adds a touch of class to the most mundane of chores, while their wide range of delicious fragrances lavishes our rooms and fabrics. Hazelway is proud to carry a wide selection of The Laundress fabric care, detergents, cleaning tools, and natural home cleaners.

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