Hazelway brings you the Bamford body cream collection and a luxurious line of botanical skin and body care. Bamford features nutrient-rich bath and body care products to revitalize and restore your mind and body. Formulated with only the finest organic ingredients and essential oil blends, Bamford represents the best in natural, botanical beauty products. All Bamford skin care and bath and body items are certified by the Soil Association, which guarantees the highest standard of organic ingredients. Bamford proves that all-natural skin care provides lasting results without the use of harsh chemicals or additives. Bamford is an English lifestyle brand that operates under a philosophy of finding the simple pleasure in quality. Established in 2006 by Lady Carole Bamford whose lifelong passion for organic ingredients, traditional skincare remedies, and artisanally crafted products guided her toward a slow-living lifestyle. “Here is authentic luxury: serene, timeless and pure.” Guided by this philosophy, Bamford’s brand extends to fashion, baby care, home accents, and restorative teas. Hazelway brings you Bamford’s finest selection of bath, body, and skincare. Inspired purely by nature’s restorative virtues, all Bamford products are organic, vegan, and safe from harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, GMOs, and artificial fragrances or colours. If you value quality ingredients above all else, Bamford is your brand of choice. Body Cream & Lotion Intensely moisturizing, the Bamford body cream collection encourages cell renewal and keeps your skin feeling supple and soft all day. Scented with a signature blend of natural and healing essential oils that include rose, tea tree, lemon, chamomile, pink grapefruit, and peppermint, Bamford’s body creams provide a rich and nourishing experience and are made with plant-derived ingredients that have been used for their skin-healing properties for centuries, such as rosehip oil, honey, and nut butters.


Face and Lip Care

Try Bamford’s award-winning exfoliating face washes containing powerful charcoal that reaches deep into your skin to remove impurities and achieves a thorough cleansing. For a deeper treatment, try Bamford’s exfoliation mask that uses a powerful blend of fruit extracts to provide an intense exfoliation and promote cell regeneration. Finally, treat your lips to a delicious concoction of ingredients that sooth and protect your fragile skin with their Botanic Lip Balm.


Rose and Botanic Collection

Hazelway has assembled a selection of Bamford’s most popular products from their Rose and Botanic Collection. Romantic, subtle, and all-natural, the Rose Collection features soothing creams, oils, lotions, and French-milled soaps using their signature blend of rose, chamomile, and lemon. The Botanic Collection includes soothing, cleansing, and rejuvenating plant-derived recipes that contain zero harsh chemicals, and are produced with the highest standards of quality.


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Hazelway specializes in luxury lifestyle brands and exclusive products for a clientele that demands quality above all else. We search for local and global brands that take pride in traditional artisanship. Bamford’s line of exquisite bath and body care demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with only the best in the world. We’ve chosen select few products that we feel demonstrate the company’s attention to quality, ingenuity, and knowledge of the healing power of plants and herbs.