AMALA Beauty


Amala products meet strict NATRUE® 100% natural criteria, a high global standard for natural and organic cosmetics. NATRUE® certification verifies that our products are made only of naturally-derived ingredients, and free from GMOs, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, and synthetic fragrances. Amala is one of a select few luxury skincare brands approved to carry the NATRUE® seal, which represents ingredient guarantees, a high benchmark against greenwashing while also providing full transparency.

At the Core

Living Beauty BioActive Complex: An ultra-concentrated blend of bio-active nutrients, Amala’s exclusive cocktail of skin-revitalizing Peony, skin-renewing 23K Rose Gold, Vitamin C-rich Amla, and antioxidant Spirulina boosts the appearance of firmness, clarity, and smoothness.

Cocoa Pre+Probiotic Infusion: A protective, skin-balancing power shot of Cocoa Bean probiotics is enhanced with vegan prebiotics to help calm, firm, and replenish the skin, supporting the appearance of youthful, healthy skin.

Tonka Bean Pre+Probiotic Infusion: A next-level bio-active complex that self-adjusts to your skin, brightening and unifying uneven tone. Tonka Bean probiotics combine with balancing prebiotics and powerful antioxidants to boost skin’s natural luminescence.

Yerba Santa Pre+Probiotic Infusion: A bio-active nutrient powerhouse that combines Yerba Santa probiotics, balancing prebiotics, and moisturizing peptides to boost hydration and calm the skin.

Essential Mineral Complex: A potent cocktail of vital minerals, including copper, magnesium, zinc, iron, and silicon, that works synergistically to help nourish and condition the skin.

Wakame Pre+Probiotic Infusion: A bionutrient blend of probiotic Japanese seaweed and nourishing prebiotics that deeply cleanses skin of impurities to clarify and refine pores.