Shop at Hazelway for the finest selection of Culti fragrance products. Culti is the industry leader in fine quality diffusers, candles, and sprays. The Culti name is synonymous with luxury and innovation in home perfumes. We sell some of the most popular products and refills. Find your Culti diffusers, scented sachets, skin care, and candles at Hazelway Online or at our Yorkville, Toronto location.

About Culti

Culti’s founder and former interior designer, Alessandro Agrati, drew inspiration from rattan handwork to develop the world’s first reed diffusers. Now, the reed diffusion method of adding scent to the air is used by companies all over the world. Originality is at the centre of Culti values. Combining exclusive fragrances and an impeccable aesthetic, Culti is the haute couture brand for home scents. Its mission is to completely transform your indoor and outdoor spaces using fine quality fragrances and elegant containers.

Luxurious Home Perfumes

Culti home perfumes embody the values that Hazelway looks for in a luxury brand. Style and innovation are equally important, and with Culti, one is not sacrificed for the other. For over 25 years, Culti has perfected a luxurious combination of scents to enhance a room, not overpower it. Every detail from its incomparable fragrances to its elegant and modern packaging is painstakingly considered during the production process to ensure the Culti name exceeds its reputation. Culti products make high-end gifts for any occasion and are appropriate for rooms of various sizes.

  • Aramara - Bitter Orange, Bergamot, Sandalwood
  • Tessuto - Cassis Leaves, Cotton Flowers, Jasmine, White Musk
  • THE - Bergamot, Sencha Tea, Guaiacum Wood
  • Mareminerale — Sea Chord, Sap, Mineral Musk
  • Supreme Amber - Insense, Chinot, To Back Vanillia, Patchouli

Most of your favorite Culti products are available at Hazelway in six essential scents:

Culti is known throughout the world for being the purveyor of the finest reed diffusers. At Hazelway, we supply a range of diffuser sizes and designs to suit your interior spaces. Our scented car sachets continue to be one of the most popular items in our online store. Shop Culti home perfumes at Hazelway.