This story begins with a working relationship at the start of the millennium. Its protagonists, Isabel and Begoña, met while working at a prestigious cosmetics firm, the first as a Technical Director and the second as a Director of Training. Their vision for innovation was immediate and together they introduced a whole new dimension to how to treat the skin, which led them to develop many concepts and products of great value.

After years of scientific and professional experience, these two women decided to combine their knowledge to create their own brand. Their experience in skincare combined with their extensive understanding of the market, active ingredients and application methodology, has led them to a natural evolution in the field of skincare.

From this subtle alliance of knowledge and experience AYUNA · Less Is Beauty is born. An evolutionary, scientific-botanical approach to cosmetics that favors simple beauty and WELL·AGING, a concept inspired by "less is more". AYUNA represents the commitment to pure, effective, clean and safe cosmetics.