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Organic Skin Care Products

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Hazelway’s online beauty boutique features luxury organic skin care for all skin types. We offer only premium anti-aging moisturizers, lotions, balms, oils, and soaps. Why organic? Because we believe that only the finest and most natural ingredients are fit for your skin and that a true defense against premature aging, blemishes, and other conditions is to treat your skin and your body with ingredients sourced from nature and untouched by harsh chemicals or processes. Our commitment to healthy skin is also matched by our support of eco-friendly production. Take care of the earth as it takes care of you. Shop for your favourite organic skin care product Online.



Based on skin and hair care recipes derived from Quechua-Shuar women in the Amazon that use primarily rahua oil, Rahua beauty products are entirely vegan, organic, and free of parabens and sulfates. Rahua products are completely cruelty-free, support indigenous communities, and respecting ancient traditions. Rahua is famous for its organic line of hair care products. When it comes to skin care, the company’s oil-based lotions restore and moisturize your skin while leaving it soft and smelling naturally great.


Tangent GC

Tangent GC castile soap is made in France using only quality, organic ingredients. Castile soap is one of the oldest soap processes in the world. Made with healthy vegetable oils, it is naturally moisturizing. Infused with the company’s exclusive blend of fine perfumed oils, each bottle provides its own enriching organic experience.



Bamford’s line of extensive organic products takes care of your complete pre-moisturizing daily skin care regimen. Shop at Hazelway’s organic beauty boutique for Bamford’s most popular products, such as their deeply hydrating rose body cream, their award-winning cleansing balm and their charcoal-based exfoliating face wash. All Bamford products are made with only the best organic ingredients.


Little Butterfly

Little Butterfly organic skin care products are uniquely formulated for new mothers. Each product is safe and effective to use and won’t irritate the baby’s skin, thanks to the company’s strict use of only the safest and most natural blend of luxury organic elements. Shop for mother, or baby, or both, and be confident knowing you’re investing in only the best for a baby’s sensitive skin. Little Butterfly skin care products make the perfect gift for expectant or new mothers.


Tawna Hill Baby

It’s only natural that we want what’s best for our babies, and Hazelway strongly believes that extends to their skincare. Unfortunately, mass-produced baby products feature harsh chemicals and toxins, which are not only bad for your baby, but also for you and the environment. Tawna Hill’s line of sumptuous baby skin care products uses a unique blend of natural botanicals, nutrient-rich oils, and healthy nut butters. From bathtime to bedtime, Tawna Hill Baby all-natural skin care products take care of your baby’s skin naturally.

Now you can shop our luxury organic skin care products Online! Shop from the comfort of home and have your products shipped right to your front door. Enjoy an easy, hassle-free online shopping experience and receive free shipping on orders over $250 in Canada and the US. Browse our organic skin care brands or come and visit Hazelway in Yorkville, Toronto.