Silk care

Caring For Silk

Caring for your quality Manito silk bedding and sleepwear is easier than you might think. After all, silk bedding and sleepwear has been around for 5,000 years – long before dry cleaning!

The truth is, the quality of your Manito bedding and sleepwear means it can outlast cotton and synthetic items if you follow these Easy Care tips.

Caring for Your Silk Bedding

Can you machine wash silk sheets? Most modern washing machines – especially front-loading European-style models – have a “Hand Wash” or “Delicates” setting that is perfect for quality silk sheets.

1. Wash silk separately.  Use of a laundry bag is optional.

2. Give your silk sheets the room they need to get cleaned: Wash them on their own, without any other items.

3. Keep the temperature cool (30° Celsius/85° Fahrenheit, or lower) and the detergent very mild..

4. We love the smell of sheets dried on the clothesline, but keep in mind that direct sunlight may cause colour to fade, especially in darker sheets. If you can’t wait for a mild, cloudy day, hang them to dry inside.

5. You can machine dry your sheets. Simply use your dryer’s lowest temperature setting or, even better, set it to "air."  Take the sheets out before they are completely dry.

6. After washing silk sheets, once you put your sheets back on the bed any wrinkles will smooth out. Or you can fold sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers and place them in your linen closet under the weight of towels.

7. If you prefer a crisper look, use your iron’s steam setting to ease out wrinkles, without making contact with the sheets. If you need to iron your sheets, do so on the dull side, using your iron’s “silk” setting.