Car Scented Sachet

Culti Car Scented Sachet

Available in the following scents:

Aramara - CITRUS - A unique scent that evokes bright colors of the Mediterranean, bitter orange blends with bergamot, cardamom and sandalwood. Described as a fresh and cheerful scent.

Mareminerale - AROMATIC - This fragrance is created from a medley of sea chord, sap, and mineral musk. Described as a more crisp and refreshing scent. 

THÉ - FLORAL - This fragrance is created from a mixture bergamot, sencha tea and guaiacum wood. Described as a calm and soothing scent. 

TESSUTO - FLORAL - Its pervading fragrance is 'woven' from bergamot, cassis leaves, cotton flowers, jasmine, heart of olive, geranium, incense, cashmere wood and white musk. 

Mediterranea - WoodyThe Apulian countryside in all of its fertile abundance, with pomegranate trees and prickly pears laden with fruits peeking above the drystone walls. Wandering into the Mediterranean scrub overlooking the sea; picking fruit, getting your hands dirty, tasting its woody essence.

NOTE: These car sachets tend to last from 1-3 months. This price includes only 1 Sachet. 

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