Material: ACRYLIC
Hand wash

Use instructions for the acrylic product

• tested by TÜV, SGS, Intertek
• absolutely tasteless and odorless
• BPA free
• Not indestructible
• Resistant from -10 ° C to 50 ° C
• freezable
• hand washing recommended to increase product life
• do not use dryers
• do not for microwaves
• alcohol resistant, <2 hours
• not for aniseed drinks
• not for strong alcohol, such as whiskey ... etc
• only use a detergent with pH 3 <pH <7, not for strong alkaline detergent
• Do not use benzene, alcohol, ester or organic solvents for cleaning products
• Do not use abrasive materials for cleaning

The following may discolor the product or make it dull in the long term:
• Leave the glasses for an extended period of time at high temperatures and high humidity
• Incorrect dosage of detergent
• Use of a detergent containing aluminum or metal protection.
• Dairy products, coffee, cocoa, tea and other beverages can leave a circle on the glass if you leave it overnight. Wash the glass with warm soapy water immediately after use, hand wash or use our cleaning product. Dust regularly.
• The use of anise-based drinks (such as Pernod, Ricard, Raki or Ouzo).
• The use of beverages with a high ester content. Esters are a natural product often found for example herbal teas.

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