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Mayfair Short Crystal Glass (set of 2)


The jewel like colours and geometric stems of the Mayfair crystal glasses are reminiscent of the abundance and affluent period during the times of the Art Deco era.  They are made from hand-cut crystal and glass with a subtle diamond engraving around the rim and an emerald green base.  Arrange them as a vibrant contrast to any decadent table setting.

Product specifications:

Height: 15.5 cm / 6.1 inches
Width: 7.2 cm / 2.83 inches
Depth: 7.2 cm / 2.83 inches
Weight: 0.4 kg / 0.8 pounds
Material: Fine hand cut crystal & glass
Colours: Clear/Emerald/Brown/Mint/Bright Yellow
Reflections Copenhagen luxury signature gift box: Yes.  Packed as a set of 2.

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