Ambuja globetrotter mask

The urban pollution magnet

Gives skin back its youthful translucence. 

Anti-Pollution is the new Anti-Aging.

globetrotter mask is a hybrid mask providing ferment-based exfoliation.

How does it work?
The anti-aging mask is especially designed to instantly draw dirt, debris, sebum, impurities, excess oil and pollutants away from the skin like a magnet. globetrotter mask immediately lifts dullness, diminishes the look of dark spots and fine lines while immersing skin in moisture. 

What is it for?

  • De-Pollution 
  • Urban anti-aging 
  • Antioxidant shield 
  • Skin renewal

Skin is protected against pollution and oxidative stress. This velvety smooth power mask formula instantly stimulates circulation and helps fortify the skin’s barrier function while feeding it at a deeper level. 

Which major superactives?
The Superstone-Adapto-gene™ complex enriched with volcanic rock powder, Amazonian clay, camellia and desert rose helps skin to defend itself from pollution and environmental aggressors by keeping skin supple, healthy-looking and ultra-hydrated. 

Which results?
globetrotter mask leaves your complexion plush, clear, radiant and silky soft. 

Skin appears brighter from the first use. It also works as an overnight spot treatment for blemish prone skin aggravated by urban living.

For enviably smoothed skin. 

For whom?
Perfect for urban living.
Recommended for dry, oily, combination and normal skin.


SUPERFLUID™ = Lotus+Coconut Cell Fluidum™

Desert plant ferment
Pomegrante ferment extract
Camellia seed ferment oil
Volcanic rock powder
Amazonian clay

  • Ultra-hydrating desert plant ferment to improve barrier function
  • Environmental stress protector to promote cell renewal while addressing ROS
  • Exfoliating pomegranate ferment extract to prevent irritation and discoloration
  • Smoothes and softens skin by minimisizing the appearance of fine lines
  • Super-rich camellia seed ferment oil to neutralize up to 80% of free radicals
  • Anti-inflammatory, oxidative stress shield promoting hydration and resilience
  • Volcanic rock powder, the anti-pollution shield, to promote detoxification 
  • Sebum-controlling Amazonian clay removes residues, impurities, oiliness, dead skin cells
  • Helps promote ionic cell balance and skin renewal
  • Rebalancing and remineralizing lotus cell water
  • The antioxidant protection system of Superfluid™
  • Amino-acid rich green coconut helps restore skin, promote regeneration

Editor's note

0% parabens, preservatives, petrochemicals, paraffins, silicones, sulfates, synthetic colorants or fragrances, radioactively irridated ingredients, genetically engineered and produced ingredients or ingredients of animal origin.
Loaded with 100% ingredients of natural origin and no additional water. 100% ecoluxe skincare handmade in our own manufacturing facilities in Bavaria/ Germany.

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