Shampoo Revitalizing Solid Shampoo

Hair care in a single product – from roots to ends and scalp. SHAMPOO is a solid bar that combines corn powder with Argan and Coconut oils in a 94% natural preparation that detoxifies and softens both the hair and scalp. The combined deep cleansing and nourishing action provides holistic revitalisation. It also offers maximum sustainability by minimising the environmental impact.

The estimated equivalent of one bar of soap is 3 bottles of shampoo of the same weight. The estimated minimum saving in water consumption is 60% and our bar has an expected duration of 40-50 washes depending on hair type.

The solution that considers the environment as well as taking care of your scalp and hair.

Styling products, external agents and pollutants in the air adhere to the hair, weakening it and making it dirty, while also irritating the scalp.

SHAMPOO cleans particles, contamination and silicone build-up from other conventional products, while creating a rich, abundant lather the provides a silky, easy-to-comb, frizz-free finish.

SHAMPOO offers truly effective hygiene that enhances your natural hair,
leaving it with a healthy shine.

 70 gr / 2.5 oz

Revitalises the hair and scalp.

Deep cleansing, leaving hair shiny and full of movement from the first application.

Detoxifying and anti-pollution action, reducing the impact of accumulated residues in the hair cuticle.

Moisturises the hair fibre and scalp.

Formula suitable for sensitive scalps.

For all hair types, including colour-treated hair.

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