Tangent GC Organic Body Wash

An organic, perfumed body wash, made in France. It contains lots of glycerine and almond oil, leaving your skin both soft and moisturized. Used together with our range of body lotion it forms a natural skin care system for the whole body.

TGC301 OUD — generously wooden with resinous spikes.

TGC302 YUZU — a mineral-faceted citrus scent that lies between mandarin and grapefruit.

TGC303 BUNET — a herbal and quite raw disposition, reminiscent of freshly cut greenery.

TGC304 TIARÉ — an intoxicating orchid air enveloped in vanilla musk.

TGC305 FIR — The Siberian fir, native to the taiga east of the Volga, smells compelling where it stands. Pressed between your fingertips, the needles release a balsamic wood aroma as well as a resounding top note with crisp, fleeting pinene.

TGC306 TULIP— Imagine if you will the freshly harvested bouquet: Still cool from outdoors, with close-fitting petals and watery stalks that make a slight squeaking sound when handled. This is the tulip perfume, floral yet cautious. As if it is keeping watch over its promise.

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