Silken Favours: World-Class Quality Meets Playful Kitsch

There’s something fundamentally inspiring about a brand that can transform one of the most luxurious fibres in the world into cute and funky fashion accessory and homeware. Silken Favours holds a unique place in our hearts for producing some of the most interesting, colourful, unique, and kitschy clothing and accessories made of fine quality silk. Their homeware items add a delicious flavour of drama and creativity while their intricate clothing invokes images of honky-tonk bars and tropical scenes.

About Silken Favours

Silken Favours is the brainchild of London-based founder and creative director Vicki Murdoch who uses traditional pen and ink techniques to blend playful, warm-heart imagery on silk. Silken Favours’ unique designs are made into the finest quality cushions, scarves, shirts, notebooks, wallpaper, fabric, halter tops, and ponchos. Every collection features a riotous theme of funky designs and images. The popularity of Silken Favours continues to grow as products can be found in over 20 worldwide stockists.

Something Fruity

Now, you can shop for Silken Favours cushions at Hazelway Online or at our Toronto store. Silken Favours features a variety of cushions, including their adorable and delicious fruit cushions. Looking for accent pieces for your sofa or child’s room? Maybe what your missing is a slice of orange, a piece of watermelon, an adorable pineapple, or a big, juicy strawberry.

For Animal Lovers

There’s no wrong reason to include a little cuteness in your home décor. Silken Favours manages to create beautiful pieces that know the difference between kitsch and corny. Add a hint of taste with your favourite pets, like cats, dogs, a flying pig, and even a Pegasus.

A Modern Take with a Classic Shape

If you love Silken Favours prints but aren’t interested in a shaped pillow, Hazelway offers some of their best-loved square pillows with wild and wonderful prints featuring animals, tropical colours, fruit, flowers, plants, and insects.

How to Take Care of Your Silken Favours Cushions

When you purchase a Silken Favours cushion, you’re investing in high-quality material and craftsmanship. With proper care, each product can last a lifetime. Many products contain 100% silk fronts and cotton velvet backs. Remove stains as soon as possible before they dry or set in. Apply food stain with cold water and rub it off. Use a silk spot cleaner if necessary. For more information, follow care instructions on the product label.

Shop Silken Favours at Hazelway

Hazelway is committed to providing our customers with high-quality housewares for distinguished buyers. We share your passion and appreciation for investing in luxury products that employ traditional artisanal skills and superior materials to ensure each item lasts forever. We offer our customers a boutique selection of Silken Favours’ most popular shaped and square cushions. Shop Online or come to our Yorkdale, Toronto location in person. To learn more about Silken Favours, click here. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to be the first to learn about upcoming collections, product releases, sales, and company news.