Charisma Elixir, Retexturizing Energizer

The Ambuja Couture Collection Charisma Elixir is a glamorizing formula that naturally, organically energizes, replenishes, regenerates, and rejuvenates. Considered a rehydrating, re-texturizing serum that restores a lustrous, lush, youthful glow to your skin, this cream increases circulation, promotes elasticity, and combats the damaging effects of fatigue and aging. Within the lengthy list of natural ingredients and antioxidant-rich peptides, there are gooseberries, green coconut water, lotus cell water, and bio-sodium hyaluronate.

These intermingled, layered ingredients work together and individually to increase collagen product, plumping fine lines and wrinkles to restore health to your skin. The overall composition also soothes you skin over time, building protection against the harshness of inclement weather and chemicals.

Composition loaded with 82.7% certified organic / 100% natural bioactive ingredients whose synergy guarantees the bespoke Biocular Formula action. 

  • The radiance enhancer and retexturizing energizer. 
  • Promotes vibrancy and tonicity. 
  • Protects skin against oxidative stress and refines the skin's texture. 
  • Puts some extra glow on the skin and helps minimize pigmentation. 
  • For lustrous skin. 


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