The Facial – High Prebiotic Refining Concentrate

An innovative powder-in-lotion concentrate that visually transforms skin, improving its appearance and texture. It incorporates a trio of exfoliating acids (30%) combined with Plasmas rich in Noni cell factors, to optimize the results of your facial beauty routine by balancing sebum and skin microbiota, minimizing the size of pores, evening skin tone and maintaining a healthier skin.

The Facial incorporates plasmas rich in cell factors obtained from Noni stem cells, a prebiotic combination that balances and protects skin microbiota, while visibly improving skin quality.

Visually transforms the skin, improving its appearance

Helps maintain skin microbiota in balance

Evens skin tone and minimizes the appearance of pores

Stimulates the skin’s natural luminosity

Helps keep skin healthy and controls excess sebum


facial in a bottle

Not a serum or a toner, but rather a daily colloidal acid system by effectively exfoliating the skin and balance its microbiota. Skin is transformed in one simple step.

for all skin



all skin concerns

all skin types, including sensitive ones

face, neck & eye contour

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