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Cream Natural Rejuvenating Treatment - Light

Natural Rejuvenating Treatment - Light

A natural rejuvenating emulsion with excellent sensorial properties. The formula targets a range of skin functions and expands the potential benefits obtained from the science of Botanical Stem Cell Cultures. It has a light texture and a delicate consistency that adapts its hydration to your skin’s needs and your environment.

Through biotechnology, it incorporates Phyto-peptides obtained from Turmeric Root and Centella stem cells cultures, and Plasmas rich in Botanical Cell Factors obtained from Stem Cell from Green Carrot, Arabian Cotton and Pomegranate.


Wrinkles are softer

Elasticity visibly improves

Skin appears more radiant and hydrated

Skin texture is softer and firmer

Complexion is more even and spots noticeably improve

Perfecting action, evens redness and tightens pores

For All Skin



all skin concerns

all skin types, including sensitive ones

face, neck & eye contour

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