Dewdrop Elixir, Hydratation Face Serum

Packed with replenishing minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, the Dewdrop Elixir from the Ambuja Couture Collection is well-balanced, restorative, and perfect for a wide range of skin types. The combination of ingredients are loaded with organic nutrients – however, the most prominent of these elements is the Voodoo Lily. This component conditions to maximum hydration, plumping your skin cells to a luminous, healthy glow. You will definitely be able to see and feel the difference in your skin within the first week of regular use, and the vitamins build up over time to protect skin against pollutants and harsh conditions.

In addition to being nourishing and regenerative, the Dewdrop Elixir from the Ambuja Couture Collection softens, soothes, and acts as an anti-aging serum to both eliminate wrinkles and prevent premature fine lines.

Composition loaded with 86% certified organic / 100% natural bioctive ingredients whose synergy guarantees the bespoke biocular formula action. 

  • Defense gel-serum formulated for sensitive skin with a potent dose of hydrating and resilient agents. 
  • The light concoction desensitizes and smoothes irritated skin. 
  • Voodoo Lily unconditionally provides maximal below-surface hydration. 
  • Prevents premature aging. 
  • Significantly reduces skin dryness. 
  • Reduces the barrier function through the reduction of trans-epidermal water loss.

Skin type: Recommended for thirsty, normal to dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin types.  


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