La Pommade

Benefit from a unique formula which will even out, moisturize, hydrate and revitalize your skin, restoring its natural qualities. 

Your skin will become naturally luminous. 


For all Skin types, from very dry to very greasy, skin with problems, spots, irritation... 

With its intense hydration and micro-nutrients, essential for healthy skin, this balm is a real deep-cleanse for your skin, keeping it beautiful on a daily basis. 


Unique comfort for your skin. Non comedogenic.

What does it contain?

3 original plant oils, working in synergy

• Maritime Pine oil, the purest source of Vitamin E and the plant oil with the highest levels of polyphenols. These bond to free radicals, helping protect your cells and regenerate and revitalize your skin.

• Brazil Nut oil, for its high Selenium content. This powerful anti-oxidant will give your skin the suppleness and softness it needs with a gentle, moisturizing action.

• Sweet Almond oil, a non-greasy oil which reinforces, hydrates and moisturizes your skin.


5 Micro-nutrients

• Zinc (purifies the skin, balances the sebum, a powerful anti-bacterial, preserves your cells’ youth)

• Manganese (stimulates skin regeneration, helps heal, tone and decongest your skin)

• Magnesium (anti-stress, protects your skin from premature aging caused by stress, reduces cutaneous hyper-reactivity)

• Copper (powerful anti-free radical and anti-inflammatory properties, promotes collagen synthesis)

• Selenium from Brazil Nut oil (cellular detoxification, helps fight cellular aging)


1 Essential oil

Tsuga to de-stress your skin. A cellular tonic, this essential oil is anti-infective and will rebalance your skin. It also provides energy protection for your cells.


Instructions for use

Morning and/or Evening

After applying the Skin-Care or Extra-rich cream, apply a small amount of La Pommade by rubbing it between your hands to make it fluid, then apply to your face, including around the eyes, the neck and any area which needs intensive hydration. 


A unique product which will penetrate deep into your skin without leaving any greasy residue.

Your skin will become luminous, hydrated and revitalized. 


(50 ml)

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