PEARL ENZYME [Exfoliating Mask] 60ml

2 oz. / 60 mL

a gentle, triple-performance exfoliant and mask that effectively detoxifies pores and brightens skin texture through a powerful complex of enzymes, multi-fruit acids, and crushed pearl to minimize dullness, remove dead skin and excess sebum. each gemstone in the själ signature gemstone blend™ (blue sapphire, diamond, ruby, amethyst, citrine, pearl) has its own vibration that creates a gentle cooling effect when applied to skin that stimulates micro-circulation while helping to improve clarity and brightening. suitable for all skin types.can be used daily.


    • provides gentle polishing and deep exfoliation through crushed pearl, cranberry and pomegranate enzyme.
    • detoxifies pores and gently removes dead skin and excess sebum with mulitfruit extract and mushroom extract.*
    • delivers superior brightening, clarifying and balancing results with micro-pearl extract and själ proprietary gemstone blend (blue sapphire, diamond, ruby, amethyst and citrine).**
    • hydrates skin and stimulates skin cell renewal.***

All claims determined by active ingredient clinical data: *Multifruit Extract, in vivo; *Mushroom Extract, in vivo; ** Pearl Extract, in vivo; ***Multifruit Extract, in vivo, *** Algae Extract, in vivo

key ingredients

    • cranberry enzyme
    • multifruit extract
    • algae extract
    • royal jelly


    • pearl
    • diamond
    • ruby
    • citrine
    • blue sapphire
    • amethyst

how to use

for all skin types, can be used daily or as needed. gently exfoliate skin avoiding the eye area. may be used solely as an enzymatic mask (if preferred). leave on for 10-15 minutes. rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. may use a warm towel to help remove. follow with kashmir saphir [perfecting mask] for a mini-facial to instantly recharge dull and sallow skin.

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