Bring the Spa Home With Luxurious Bamford Bath & Body Products

Hazelway brings you all the Bamford essentials to treat your mind, body, and spirit with natural premium quality products. If you know anything about Bamford, it’s that it is a way of life. From timeless, traditionally crafted clothing to organic skincare to delicious restorative teas, Bamford engenders a lifestyle that values quality and sustainability. Hazelway has hand-picked our favourite Bamford natural skincare products to add to our shelves.

About Bamford

Bamford was started as a lifestyle brand by Lady Carole Bamford of England. Her passion for sustainability, organic farming, and traditional craftsmanship led to her decision to start producing her own organic food on her two farms. Eventually, her way of life grew into an award-winning business, and in 2006 she started her clothing and beauty line. Today, Bamford is a highly respected and popular lifestyle brand that continues to release organic and natural products that inspire a fascination with Old-World craftsmanship and a human connection to the healing powers of plants.

If you’re in the UK, stop by the many locations that belong to the Bamford family, such as the Wild Rabbit Inn whose kitchen recently received a coveted Michelin star, to Lady Bamford’s organic Daylesford farm in Gloucestershire, where her passion started to grow. In the mood for a little shopping? Visit one of their three UK stores that sell their timeless collection of women’s clothing and bath & beauty products. 

Bamford’s Organic Face, Bath & Body Products

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy a spa day. Take the spa home with you with Bamford’s collection of luxurious bath and body products made of organic nourishing botanicals that cleanse, soothe, and balance your skin. Their naturally scented products please the senses with subtle yet soothing aromas, and all their organic ingredients are certified by the Soil Association. Try their award-winning Cleansing Balm that delivers a daily, nutrient-rich skin repair therapy. We love their beautiful Rose Pebble soap that is carefully fragranced to add a touch of elegance, romance, and relaxation to your beauty regimen. Made in Provence, France, this heart-shaped soap is milled using only the finest ingredients.

Bring Bamford’s line of bath and body products to your baby with their line of gentle soaps, bath oils, and soothing creams featuring beloved ingredients that have nurtured babies since the dawn of time, such as lavender, chamomile, and creamy shea butter. Try their massaging Baby Bath & Massage Oil, a 100% organic blend of the purest oils to gently moisturize your baby’s fragile skin and soothe them to sleep. Scented with relaxing chamomile and lavender, this product is the perfect prelude to a restful night’s sleep.

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