How to Choose the Right Ilia Lip Shade for Every Occasion

Our lips speak their own language. A gentle smile, a playful grin, a tight-lipped frown. Lip colour is an important facet of body language. Choosing the right shade for any occasion should be fun and fulfilling; that’s why Hazelway brings you our favourite Ilia Beauty lip colours and lip care. Find your perfect shade with the most amazing colours from our boutique collection of Ilia’s premium quality lip and beauty care. Take a look at this quick user’s guide for finding the right Ilia lip shade for any occasion.

Office Appropriate
When it comes to your nine to five, choosing the right colour all boils down to finding a neutral shade that blends well with your outfit. Unless you’re a model or actor, you weren’t hired for your looks, so being the centre of attention with a bold or metallic colour might distract rather than complement your outfit. Try our favourite neutral lipsticks and conditioners, like Nobody’s Baby, These Days, and In My Room. Ilia beauty products are made with organic dyes to ensure quality and safety.

The Night Out with the Girls
This is the time to let loose with your favourite people on the planet. You never know what can happen when you’re out with your friends. If you’re starting your night at an upscale wine bar or supper club, something playful yet understated might be your best bet. If you tend to change venues in the evenings, you need a versatile colour that works for any occasion. In that case, we suggest sticking with trending yet classic colours, such as Arabian Knights, Crimson and Clover, and Shell Shock.

Black-Tie Event
This is the one time where there are no limits to how much makeup you can long as it’s done properly. Your hair, lips, and eyes will all be styled to perfection. Feel free to pair your fierce cat eyes with bold hues, gloss, and glitter. For a black-tie event, try something like the seductive dark red tones of Femme Fatale or the intense but playful Gypsy lip gloss or even the widely popular magenta Neon Angel.

For a Little TLC
If you continue to use Ilia lip care, you will probably start to notice how soft and hydrated they feel. That’s because Ilia products are made with naturally soothing ingredients and dyes that won’t dry out your skin, make you itch, or give you that unwanted tacky feeling. But no matter how high quality your products are, you will always have to give your lips a little love every now and then. For dry, chapped lips, try their Balmy Nights lip exfoliator with volcanic stone powder.

Try Ilia’s Beauty Line at Hazelway
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