Say Hello to Foreo, the Next Generation of Skincare

Foreo skincare is making its way into every man and woman’s skin-cleansing regimen across the world. Beauty experts at Hazelway believe that Foreo has revolutionized the way we take care of our skin by combining innovative technology, engineering, and expertise from world-class designers to give us a range of luxury skincare products that promote healthy skin, teeth, and anti-aging.

The Origin Story

Considering the fact that Foreo was founded only in 2013, the company has received enormous success from all over the world. Developed in Sweden, Foreo considers itself a global brand, with products available at retail outlets in over 35 countries. We think it’s a testament to their product that they have received so much success and publicity in just four short years. Once you try Foreo’s technology, you’ll understand what everyone is raving about. Learn more about Foreo by checking out their website.

Skincare 2.0

Foreo combines state-of-the-art technology and the gentle cleaning power of silicone to provide you with unique, electric cleansing brushes that are designed to clean your skin and smooth out wrinkles like nothing you’ve ever used before. The gadget that started it all was the Luna, which “ a silicone skincare device that channels pulsations in various intensity levels for facial cleansing and anti-aging” (source). There are different Luna designs for every skin type so that you can find the ultimate cleansing brush that works for you.

The Luna brush has expanded to an entire line of sizes. Now men can buy their own cleansing brush with powerful T-Sonic technology, available at Hazelway. Each Luna cleansing brush is colour coded for skin types and the smaller versions come in a variety of fun and funky shades.

How to Use the Luna Cleansing Brush

No matter what size of Luna product you have, get ready for your new brush to unclog your pores, wash away dead skin cells, and get rid of the dirt and oil living on your face. To experience this unbelievable feeling of clean, sImply apply your daily cleanser to your face and wet your Luna brush; then, glide the Luna cleansing brush over your face for one minute using circular motions, making sure to cover every surface; rinse off and apply face moisturizer, and use the other side of the Luna brush to activate the anti-aging pulsations; gently glide the brush over your wrinkle-prone areas for one minute.

Don’t Forget Your Teeth!

Now you can bring the power of Foreo technology to your teeth, with Foreo’s unique T-sonic pulsations combined with the gentleness of silicone bristles. Unlike traditional toothbrushes that can wear out enamel and scratch the surface of your teeth, premium silicone is durable but soft enough to provide just the right amount of abrasion to give your teeth and gums that clean, clean, clean feeling. The Issa brushes are available in a wide range of colours and sizes for the whole family. Shop for Issa toothbrushes for adult and children at Hazelway.

Shop at Hazelway for Foreo Products

Hazelway has selected some of Foreo’s most popular tooth brushes, facial cleansers, brush cleaners, and eye massagers. Find your replacement brushes or gift sets Online or come to our Yorkville, Toronto location to try one out for yourself.