Coucou Suzette Dog Hair Claw

Iridescent and colorful hair claws for original hairstyles in no time!

Perfect for lazy mornings when you don’t feel like doing your hair, or just to add a touch of fun to basic buns.

We made different sizes and teeth so every type of hair can find their dream accessory!

What would we do without our favorite pets?

We have our beloved dogs, whose family is getting bigger and bigger! The Bernese Mountain Dog used to be the main inspiration for Coucou Suzette, but now there are so many more doggos decorating our accessories: Dalmatians, Shibas, Bulldogs, Bichons, Pugs, Chihuahuas… And the unmistakable Dachshund we can't get tired of!


Bichon: We are in love with this full acetate hair claw, shaped as a plump curly Bichon. With its dreamy eyes, turquoise collar and golden details, this dog will keep company to any hairdo, from the messy buns to the neat semi ponytails.

5cm x 5cm  18g

ChihuahuaThe Chihuahua, one of the tiniest dogs in the world, often ends up in the hand bags of their owners. This one belongs to our hair instead! No doubt this iridescent beige claw with golden details and acetate teeth will bring a touch of funk to any outfit. 

8cm x 3cm 15g

DachshundLittle Dachshund keeping your hairstyle flawless! At Coucou Suzette we love this dogs breed which is clearly looking like a smart sausage, so we imagined the ideal hair accessory: original, funny and perfect size to attach our few cheeky locks and look styled in two minutes. The detail we love? His proud little pout with her tongue hanging out. This brown and pink hair clip is made from recycled & biodegradable (Eco-Friendly) Cellulose Acetate, the logo is engraved on the outside in gold.

5cm x 9cm 17g

CorgiThe corgi has probably the cutest walk ever, looking like a bouncing loaf. This one is ready for its daily walk in the park, don’t make it wait! A hair claw that will make your messy buns ever more extra.

4cm x 9cm 26g

Bulldog: The Parisian dog star, the French bulldog of course! At Coucou Suzette we just can't resist their cute little pout (well, we re having a bit more troubles with their not very discreet farts!). Made out of black and white Recycled & Biodegradable Cellulose Acetate (Eco-Friendly).

9.5cm x 4.5cm 28g

PugWith its lazy pout, this little pug would rather take a nap than go on a walk. No matter if it’s day or night, it’s nap time! A hair claw that will make your messy buns ever more extra.

4.5cm x 9.5cm 26g

Dalmatian:  Made popular with the famous animated movie, the dalmatian charms us with its beautiful spotted coat. An elegant dog that can also be naughty and playful... A perfect description of your new hairstyle? Be unpredictibal with our Dalmatian hair claw. 

4.5cm x 9.5cm 26g

Australian ShepherdA beautiful acetate hair claw shaped as an Australian Shepherd, known for its nice blue and brown odd-coloured eyes! A majestic dog, very smart and always ready to go to work (unlike us on monday morning…). This dog claw has metal teeth and will guard your hair with discipline!

4.5cm x 8.5cm 29.3g

 YorkshireWe couldn’t make the dog family bigger without a cute Yorkshire! A very affectionate dog who often ends up with a little ponytail on top of their head so they have a better view on the world. This one has a nice red bow as a cute outfit of the day! With the pretty golden details, the grey-beige tones and the acetate teeth, this adorably kitsch hair claw won’t be left unnoticed!

4.5cm x 8cm 20.7g

Border CollieA pretty graphic black and white hair claw with acetate teeth, in tribute to the Border Collie - this elegant and hyperactive dog, with long silky hair flying in the wind during unbridled runs in the forest! This one looks like it would rather have a nap though. An original accessory for unforgettable looks!

4.5cm x 7.7cm 18.5g

CavalierThe spots above its eyes and its sad pout make the cavalier such an adorable dog. We want to cover it with kisses to cheer it up! A hair claw that will make your messy buns ever more extra.

4.5cm x 9.5cm 26g

PoodleAn adorable pearly white hair claw with acetate teeth, shaped as an enthusiastic Poodle demanding a cuddle (or a tasty treat?). Even if they are known to be popular among our beloved grandmas, we love their nice looking faces and their curly hair. Just what you need to add an original touch to the most basic hairdos!

7cm x 5.5cm 16.1g

BeagleThe Beagle, a dog known for its irresistible look, its nice tricolor fur and its hunting abilities. But rabbits are safe here, this hair claw with metal teeth will only chase messy hair! With its little tongue out and its nice green collar, this good boy will make sure hairdos will behave all day long.

8.5cm x 4.5cm 27g

Jack RusselTiny but with a big personality! The Jack Russel is a ball of energy, running all over the place - unlike your hair which won’t move a bit once this doggo is holding your bun tight. A brown and white hair claw with acetate teeth, for original and well-guarded hairdos.

8cm x 4.5cm 15.3g

German ShepherdThe German Shepherd is the perfect guard dog, always looking very proud, and acting like they are walking you during a time out - not the other way around. This pretty brown hair claw with metal teeth is the perfect accessory for funky hairdos with your favorite fur ball!

8.5cm x 5.5cm 27g

ShibaThis dog from Japan has a malicious look and an old soul at the time. But we can’t resist it with its curved tail and its bright personality! A hair claw that will make your messy buns even more extra.

8.8cm x 4.2cm 26g

Cocker:With its curly hair, big ears and crossed legs, this cocker looks like royalty! It’s time to serve food to its majesty before a well-deserved walk. An exceptional hair claw for exceptional people!

8.8cm x 4.2cm 26g

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