Coucou Suzette Cat Hair Claw

Iridescent and colorful hair claws for original hairstyles in no time!

Perfect for lazy mornings when you don’t feel like doing your hair, or just to add a touch of fun to basic buns.

We made different sizes and teeth so every type of hair can find their dream accessory!

What would we do without our favorite pets? Here is a selection of sheer socks, pins and hair claws to put our furry best friends under the spotlights.

Cats were not neglected either: whether they are relaxing, playing or pooping, they are nothing but little naughty creatures!


Ginger Watch out, you have a big red cat on the top of your head. But don’t panic, Lazy Edgar won’t move, your bun will remain perfect!

10cm x 4xm 30.4g

SiameseAfter a poll on Instagram, the Siamese cat appeared to be one of your favorites. With their light furs, dark faces and big blue eyes, no way we can resist them! This beige and grey hair clip is our best ally to do a quick bun before a zoom meeting.

9cm x 3cm 28g

White: This cute white cat will be thrilled to chill out in your hair! Little tongue out, paw in the air: grooming session! Hygiene is very important to our beloved fluffy friends! This hair clip is made from white cellulose acetate, a recycled & biodegradable (eco-friendly) material. The pink parts are hand-painted, the claws are made of gold metal.

7cm x 6cm 25g

Grey: All cats are grey in the dark. Especially this plump cat with its light blue eyes, that probably spotted a mouse! This acetate hair claw is perfect for a last-minute stylish bun.

10cm x 4cm 30g

Black: is a big cat staring at the coolest toy, with its malicious green eyes: a bottle cap hanging on the floor (while the super expensive widget you got them is rotting in a corner). A little booty dance, and here we go for a crazy time all around the house! Luckily this black acetate hair claw can behave and will stick around in your hair all day.

10cm x 4cm 32g

Tortoiseshell: Did you know tricolor cats, also called Isabelle, are all females? Yes, only female cats can have three colors, crazy right?! This big brown, white and black hair claw will keep your bun perfect all day long. Isa is here for you!

7.5cm x 3.5cm 21.1g

Lucky CatA creative hair clip shaped as a maneki-neko, this adorable lucky cat coming straight from Japan. It makes our hearts melt with its bell collar, its happy face and its chunky paw in the air looking like a cute little wave. A pearly white hair accessory with pretty gold and red details, taking care of us all day long.


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