Coucou Suzette Flower Power Hair Claw

Iridescent and colorful hair claws for original hairstyles in no time!

Perfect for lazy mornings when you don’t feel like doing your hair, or just to add a touch of fun to basic buns.

We made different sizes and teeth so every type of hair can find their dream accessory!

Welcome in the Coucou Suzette garden!

Here flowers come in all shapes and all colors so new looks can blossom everyday.

Original creations to upgrade any outfit with a touch of color and flower!

Pink PansyA beautiful Pansy hair claw, made of pearly pink and white acetate that reminds us of an opal, with big clear and comfortable teeth, perfect to grab any type of hair, even the thick ones! This jewelry is the ideal accessory to upgrade your look in no time.

5cm x 5cm 20g

TulipAn elegant pink tulip to bring poetry and softness to your messy buns. You will make jealous the bees from the neighborhood! Kitsch & vintage inspired hair claw made from recycled & biodegradable cellulose acetate (eco-friendly).

10cm x 5cm 23g

Big Purple Pansy: A cute hair claw with three beautiful mauve pearly pansies to make you bun amazing. The hint of bright colors your outfit was missing!

8cm x 4cm 20g

Forget Me NotA gorgeous hair claw shaped as a forget-me-not with pretty blue petals, a light yellow heart and a tiny hole in the middle, just like the real one (look closer the next time you see one if you didn’t notice before!). A beautiful flower with the most romantic name. This accessory will look fantastic as the final touch of your messy bun, as a floral crown if you use several of them, or as a cute ornament on your bag handle while you’re not using it.

5.5cm x 5cm 16.2g

Lily of the ValleySome lovely lily of the valley to light up your outfit of the day! We love this flowery hair claw with its creative shape, elegant leaves, bluish white little bells and golden vintage details. The perfect tiny bouquet to finish your look!

10.5cm x 6cm 23.5g

SakuraCoucou Suzette loves Japanese influences, so we had to include this beauty to our new flowers! Sakura is the lovely Japanese name for the cherry blossoms everyone is so excited about in Spring. We are in love with this hair claw version you can easily carry in your bag and use to create a delicate hair style.

5.3cm x 4.5cm 16.8g

Daisy: A pretty white and yellow daisy, to pay tribute to these little flower and butterfly clips that were all the rage in the 90’s with a zigzag part! We have to admit we favor the modern and elegant version.

4.7cm x 5cm 14.1g

SunflowerA beautiful yellow and brown flower named after the sun, so inspiring… Van Gogh captured them on a canvas, and we made retro inspired hair claws on the other hand! The perfect fun accessory to brighten your boring Monday!

5cm x 4.5cm 15.1g

Big Daisy: A big floral hair claw with three beautiful daisies to make you bun fabulous. The hint of cuteness your ootd was missing! Flowery pearly white and bright yellow hair accessory made from recycled & biodegradable cellulose acetate (eco-friendly).

9.5cm x 4.5cm 27.1g

Daffodils: A pretty flower hair claw, very light to wear and shaped as a proud yellow daffodil looking at the sun! We love the bright green and yellow-orange colors, as a tribute to summer. The perfect accessory for creative and comfortable hairstyles, thanks to the gentle acetate teeth.

10.5cm x 5.6cm 21.8g

Anemone: No inspiration for the hairstyle of the day? Let’s pick this pretty blue anemone hair claw with a crumpled-like material giving beautiful highlights. And voilà, a gorgeous bun in no time!

5.5cm x 4.5cm

 Calendula: A creative hair claw shaped as a calendula! A beautiful (and edible) flower looking like it was freshly picked during a stroll in the countryside, with pretty green and orange colors full of gold details. This accessory can hold any bun or ponytail for some rural looks, as if we were on our way for a bike ride through the fields!

10.5cm x 4.5cm 

 Peony: A creative hair claw shaped as a gorgeous strawberry-milk pink peony with almond green leaves. This cute colorful flower happily blossoms in our buns and is perfect for long and/or curly hair.

10.5cm x 5.5cm 

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