Coucou Suzette Dog Hair Clip

Small hair clips in iridescent acetate with golden “crocodile” teeth to hold properly any piece of hair.

Either you need to tame some baby hair, maintain a rebellious strand that won’t stay behind your ear, or just add a touch of color and originality to your basic dos…

Have fun with these little clips!

What would we do without our favorite pets?

We have our beloved dogs, whose family is getting bigger and bigger! The Bernese Mountain Dog used to be the main inspiration for Coucou Suzette, but now there are so many more doggos decorating our accessories: Dalmatians, Shibas, Bulldogs, Bichons, Pugs, Chihuahuas… And the unmistakable Dachshund we can't get tired of!

Shiba: After the socks, claws and pins, the Shiba dog is back with this nice hair clip! We love its up-to-no-good face, a bit smug, and its curved tail looking like a corkscrew. Just what you need to add a touch of fun and originality to your hairdo, and to hold your strands nicely.

5cm x 3cm 4g

YorkshireThe Yorkshire often ends up with a little pony tail on the top of its head, to clear up the view. Now it is their turn to take care of annoying stands! This original acetate clip shaped as a lovely kitsch dog will make sure no hair ruins your messy bun.

5cm x 3.5cm  5g

Bichon: A pretty hair clip shaped as a Bichon to hold thin hair flying all over the place when it’s windy, and thick hair that won't stay behind your ears. This adorable fur ball with a turquoise collar will steal the heart of all your girlfriends from the dog park!

4.5cm x 3.5cm  5g

ChihuahuaA lovely Chihuahua as a hair clip! This tiny dog and its nice lilac collar will make sure to guard your rebellious strands properly. With its crocodile clip, no doubt your hair will behave - plus you will have the most original look ever!

5cm x 3cm 5g

DachshundThe dachshund - true Coucou Suzette star - already existed as pins, socks, hair claws, key rings… Here is a clip version! Made in acetate with pretty golden details for a nice vintage look. We let you decide if you take it for the kids or for yourselves!

5cm x 3cm 4g

CorgiThe dear Corgi already had several creations dedicated to it, now here it is shaped as a hair clip! This little walking loaf and its adorable face will add a touch of fun to all your hairdos, even the most basic ones. No chance you will be left unnoticed with this doggo on your head!

4.5cm x 4cm  5.6g

Bulldog: Small but strong, the Bulldog and its big sharp ears make our hearts melt! We love its bad boy look, hiding the most adorable and playful dog. This one is just waiting for a walk at the park to have fun with all its friends! Black and white acetate hair clip for funky hairdos.

5cm x 3cm 4g

Poodle: An original hair clip shaped as a Poodle, very proud to show the last trick they learned! With its pretty curly coat, this dog will be the shining star of all your hairdo. No strand will get out of its “crocodile” clip, holding every piece of hair perfectly.

4cm x 4cm 5g

PugThis adorable little Pug is begging us to cancel the walk for a good nap instead… Lucky for them, once they are settled in the top of our bun, they don’t have to do anything anymore! Beige and black acetate hair clip, with a “crocodile” clip to hold any hair perfectly.

5cm x 2cm 4g



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