Coucou Suzette Ocean Hair Clip

Ready for the big jump?

With this Splash collection, Coucou Suzette takes you to an ocean full of playful mermaids, adorable fish, cute mollusks and pearly shells. Colorful and creative accessories, perfect to get in a sunny day mood!


Dolphin: A cute dolphin hair clip, just tacky enough for us! This cute ocean blue animal is ready to jump in our buns and hold our misbehaving baby hair with its crocodile-type teeth.

5cm x 1.8cm 3g

Sardines set: A cute couple of sardines who decided to leave the group to live their love story in our hair. We love their gold scales and the blue, green or pink highlights: each duo of sardine hair clips is unique depending on the piece of acetate it is from!

5cm x 1.5cm 5g

Shrimp: One of our favorites of the collection: this amazing pink shrimp hair clip! Between the smirk, the rhinestone eye and the delicate glitters, no way we could resist it. Hair, bag, clothes… Feel free to clip it anywhere you want!

4.2cm x 2.2cm 3g

SeashellA gorgeous seashell hair clip, looking like the ones we pick up at the beach and collect as sweet summer memories. We love the cream and black colors highlighted by gold details. Perfect to hold the misbehaving baby hair before going on an adventure.

6.6cm x 2cm 5g

Mussel: Oh, a cute mussel! Here is a plump shell we could easily picture having a rest on our head as if it was a rock. This mussel hair clip is easy to wear with any hairstyle and can pimp any look with the super realistic highlighted acetate and silver details.

3.5cm x 2.3cm

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