Coucou Suzette Animals Hair Clip

Small hair clips in iridescent acetate with golden “crocodile” teeth to hold properly any piece of hair.

Either you need to tame some baby hair, maintain a rebellious strand that won’t stay behind your ear, or just add a touch of color and originality to your basic dos…

Have fun with these little clips!

What would we do without our favorite pets? Here is a selection of sheer socks, pins and hair claws to put our furry best friends under the spotlights.

For the little ones, skating rabbits and vegan crocodiles are here to guarantee the best look at school.

Skating RabbitUnlike this rabbit whose ears are all over the place, your kids’ do will remain perfect thanks to this cool hair clip! With its yellow skate and its little pink nose, Bunny makes sure you can have fun without any hair in your face. 

5.5cm x 3.7cm 5.3g

Proud DinosaureA showing off dino in emerald green, pink and gold. With such a nice bow tie, it’s hard not to parade around. It might be the same with your kid when they will walk into the playgroup with its clip in their hair!

4.9cm x 4.2cm 4.4g

Lazy PigA pink hair clip shaped as a plump pig resting after a good meal. We love its cute snout, its curly tail and its posture, making it look like a farm pin-up! This little clip is perfect to keep away the bang you didn’t cut yet

2cm x 4.2cm 4.g

CrocodileA malicious little crocodile having a nap before going back to the water. This green clip with golden details won’t let any hair go away from its croc’ teeth!

5.5cm x 1.5cm 3.6g

Showering ElephantLet it foam! A careful little elephant showering like a grown-up. The perfect clip to keep all the hair up before taking a bath!

4.1cm x 2.3cm 4.3g

Pigeons in Love: A couple of cute pigeons, equipped with their nicest yellow boots and their pretty turquoise umbrella. An original hair clip to avoid curly hair under the rain!

4.8cm x 2.6cm 4.8g

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