Coucou Suzette Animals MINI Hair Claw

What would we do without our favorite pets? Here is a selection of sheer socks, pins and hair claws to put our furry best friends under the spotlights.

For the little ones, skating rabbits and vegan crocodiles are here to guarantee the best look at school.

Rabbit: A lovely mini rabbit hair claw with big pink ears, white fur and golden details. A creative and adorable accessory to hold all your hair strands properly. No doubt this cutie pie will steal everyone’s heart!

3.5cm x 3.3cm 9g

BichonA mini hair claw shaped as a Bichon, with a cute smile and day-dreaming eyes. We love the acetate matter and its pearly look, as well as the adorable cloud shape. The perfect accessory to clear your face and keep the rebellious hair strands away!

3.5cm x 3cm 7.4g

Grey CatA cute grey cat face as a mini hair claw! We love its proud facial expression, with its eyes closed and its little smirk. A creative accessory you can wear with its buddies Bichon and Rabbit!

3.5cm x 2.7cm 7.4g

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