Coucou Suzette Bird MINI Hair Claw

Even in winter, flocks of birds can be seen, whether swans, ducks or swallow, adding warmth to the season.

Blue Tit: A iridescent mini hair claw shaped as an adorable little blue tit. We love this tiny bird and its fluffy round belly who looks like the ones of our favorite cartoons. A cute yellow and turquoise accessory you can clip to your hair or to your bag’s handle.

4cm x 3.2cm 7.7g

Owl: A mini hair claw shaped as an adorable owl. We can’t resist their closed eyes and folded wings, as if we catch them in the middle of a nap following an eventful night. An accessory made of brown acetate with elegant gold details, made for thin and thick hair to add a creative touch to all your hairstyles!

4cm x 3.5cm 6.7g


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