Coucou Suzette Body Love Jewellery

The human body, an endless source of inspiration!

For Coucou Suzette, it all started with a little boobie… Then the Eye of course, that became the symbol of the brand! But also some beautiful manicured hands, pretty pulpy lips, sleepy faces, and even attentive ears…

Here is a true ode to the female body, with creations you can wear from head to toe. All these body parts are available as original accessories: patterned socks, pins, clips, earrings… And so much more!

Best-sellers you can order with a blind trust ;)

Boob Ring: Here is the famous Coucou Suzette boob ring! The very first creation of the brand. The ring is adjustable so it fits all the fingers in the world. Jewel covered with a 0.3 microns gold layer. Please note that Gold plated jewelry must be treated with care, avoid direct contact with water or perfume.

CompositionsBrass & colorful enamels

1.5cm x 2.5cm 4g

Hand Box: A lovely little hand box to keep all your jewelry safe. Made out of pink and red recycled & biodegradable cellulose acetate (eco-friendly) just like sunglasses & bowling balls! Please note that each claw is made out of many different acetate pieces so each one is unique and might not look exactly like the pics.

3.5cm x 6.7cm x 12.5cm 87g  

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