Coucou Suzette Body Love Sheer Socks

Colorful flowers, fresh fruits & veggies, cute animals, boobs all over the place, naughty positions, tanned booties… Have fun with these original socks!

Created with passion, our patterned socks are made to add some spice to any outfit, and they sure will make people talk…

Unisex & made of soft cotton, for kids and grown-ups, or sheer for those who don’t fear the cold, Coucou Suzette’s socks are made to make you feel confortable in your own shoes!

CompositionsPolyester 60%, Cotton 39%, Spandex 1%SizeOne Size (US: 4 to 8 / UK: 2,5 to 6,5 / FR: 35 to 40)

The sheer socks, or the perfect accessory to nicely decorate your ankles and bring a cool vibe to all your outfits.

Coucou Suzette likes them with pop colors and unique patterns. The best way to pimp your timeless jeans-sneakers outfits!

Care instructions: machine wash cold, hang dry, do not iron on or use bleach.


Milk: Sheer socks on a magical theme: breastfeeding!A breast miraculously producing milk to feed a newborn, it definitely looks like a super power!  We're also aware breastfeeding is not always fun... But these socks are made to cheer you up! 

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