Coucou Suzette Cat Hair Clip

Small hair clips in iridescent acetate with golden “crocodile” teeth to hold properly any piece of hair.

Either you need to tame some baby hair, maintain a rebellious strand that won’t stay behind your ear, or just add a touch of color and originality to your basic dos…

Have fun with these little clips!

What would we do without our favorite pets? Here is a selection of sheer socks, pins and hair claws to put our furry best friends under the spotlights.

Cats were not neglected either : whether they are relaxing, playing or pooping, they are nothing but little naughty creatures!

Siamese: Kittens love to play with hair (growing cats too though, don’t you think?). It will be the same with this pretty blue-eyed Siamese hair clip that will fit perfectly in your bun. No more spikes with this kitty, they’ll keep everything together with their claws.

4.5cm x 2.4cm 4.5g

BlackA big black cat taking a nap, but still looking after the style of your hairdo. Even if they’re asleep, they’ll make sure no hair is getting away from their claws! A creative black clip that you can pair with a Siamese one or a Tricolor cat one for a very feline look.

4.4cm x 1.8cm 4.3g

TortoiseshellWhat’s better than a little tricolor cat to tame your mane? Fun fact: tricolor cats, also called “Isabelle” cats, are female only! This feline hair clip follows the rule.

 4cm x 2.1cm 4.3g

GingerA cute red cat with a fluffy belly we very badly want to pet, even though it’s at our own risk !The detail we love : the little beans on the back legs.Even though it doesn’t purr, this original hair clip will be the perfect accessory to add a touch of fun on your everyday buns!

 4.5cm x 2.4cm 4.5g

Ghost Cat:Halloween isn’t just for humans, kitties too want to join the party! We are in love with this glow-in-the-dark hair clip shaped as a ghost cat and shining in the night.


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